About H!F

Hello!Fridays (H!F) is the very first virtual world get together for fans of morning musume,c-ute,berryz kobo and many other H!P groups H!F is the brainchild of SerenaKasumy Brongniart,Yulia Qork & Evellyn Snowpaw YQ was the first to come up with the idea of having a party for fans of H!P fans and asked fellow SL Friends Serena & Evellyn (Also Uber H!P fans) to help out since evellyn had a shop & cafe for H!P fans this was to be the venue for friday nights (hence the name H!F) on sl to spend time talking about H!P and meeting new fans! we hope H!F will show support to repesent the hello project fans on sl and other virtual worlds!!!!

From Left:Evellyn,Yulia & Serena